You must have heard TBH quite a lot or must have read it in conversations quite often but do you know exactly [https://rankeronline.com/tbh-meaning/ what does tbh stand for]?. If you don’t, then you will get to know about it as you continue to read. Also even if you know about its original meaning, you might not know its couple of other meanings. So we will let you know about that as well. 

As you scroll down this article, you will find out what is the exact meaning of TBH and how you can use it properly as a phrase and a noun. 

What does tbh stand for?

TBH stands for ‘to be honest’. It is an internet acronym and a slang which is used by users to describe their honest views on different social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter etc. it is also used to describe change in opinions during conversations. The correct way of writing it is in all caps ie. TBH and not tbh. TBH is thus primarily used to depict that a person is expressing their opinions with complete honesty. Also another meaning of TBH is ‘to be heard’. 

How to use ‘To Be Honest’ as a phrase?

Using To be Honest as a phrase is one of the most traditional and oldest ways of using this initialism. There is no particular way of using it or any specific rules and nothing so special about it.

‘TBH’ is what To be Honest means on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter or in text messages. So if you are typing this full phrase, you can just simply replace it with ‘TBH”.

You will easily get to see this phrase getting used either in the start or at the end of a sentence. It can also be typed in lower or upper case both or you can just make T capital of it. You will even rarely see people using dots between the three letters so you also don’t have to worry about doing that. 

The main use of TBH is to declare that a particular statement or message is written or spoken with complete honesty by the people saying it. Even its usage at times can range from humble self-reflection to some snarky attacks and can also be used jokingly to add a comedic effect in the sentence. 

How to use ‘TBH’ or ‘To be Honest’ as a noun?

You must have realised that people often use TBH on Instagram with another meaning. Actually users tend to use it as if it were a noun. For instance, ‘like for a tbh’ or ‘I’ll give you a tbh’. So do you know what does tbh stand for on Instagram?

Well, the meaning of it is still the same. However ‘giving a tbh’ here means to give out opinions on somebody’s personality. 

To better understand, take it as when people sometimes post images that say ‘like for a tbh’. So here it means that whoever is going to like the picture will be receiving a compliment in return. And so whenever tbh is used for complementing, it usually goes in the starting of the sentence as ‘tbh you’re so pretty’. 
And so these are the two ways of using this slang, as a phrase and as a noun. 


So as you know now what does tbh stand for, TBH is actually a great example for how initialisms and acronyms can develop and grow over the course of time. You can use it now whenever you are having a chat with anybody where you want to say anything truthfully. Also most people know that it means’ To be Honest’, but not many people know how popularly it is used on the internet or in conversations on social media platforms and also about its another meaning which is ‘To be Heard’.

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