Withdrawal from your addiction isn’t easy, when you were dependent on drag or substance for a long time. Even your body has become used to it. Dependency can be life threatening sometime in every scenario. Whether it's a person being extremely dependent on others or even an object. People with alcohol or drug abuse find it hard to get out of their addiction. It takes months to years. There are many cases where people actually went to a rehabilitation centre for years and after returning they again started to consume the substance. Any substance which takes control of your mind and body starts to eat your soul within. You feel helpless and even depressed. Just to get sober after consumption of a drug might develop withdrawal syndrome in you. Substance abuse is not only limited to alcohol or any drug but even a kind of food, any non edible object, smell, feeling and sound are part of addiction. A type of medical detox can help the addict get normal again. This method is scientifically proven and has health benefits as well. We will find here more about medical detox. 

What is a Medical Detox?
While the word ‘Detox’ means to get rid of any kind of impurity and use ways to clean the object or body. 
Medical detox is explained as a process in which an addicted person is given various treatments to remove the trace of toxic substances physically, mentally and psychologically. Dependency on a substance affects heart, bone and brain functioning. The person starts to feel hallucination and even symptoms of schizophrenia. Mentally, his nerve cells breakdown and brain body coordination gets affected. 

Withdrawal syndrome
Withdrawal syndrome develops in the mind and body of a patient who has been a substance abuser for a long duration and now he is dependent on the substance. Even for a minute he can’t live without consuming the substance. 
This the reason that during medical detoxification, patient  starts to feel withdrawal symptoms such as : 
Excessive pain in the body.
Sleep paralysis.
Urge to get violent.
No control on bladder
Hormonal imbalance
Absence of mind
Excessive Hunger
Racing thoughts
Teeth chattering
Body trembling
Dilated pupil
Speech disorder
Self harm
Feeling extremely cold
During medical detoxification process, addicts feel withdrawal symptoms due to use of following drugs : 
Sleeping medications
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