From January to December last year, the income of multinational companies headquartered in Seattle, Washington was $28.0522 million, up 20.45% from $23.2887 million a year ago, while the per capita income of investors was $23.46. Compared with 20.68 in 2018.   Although Internet sales is still Amazon's core business, its cloud computing service Amazon Web services (AWS) is considered as a strategy © The logic of the futureBy contrast, it is the fastest growing company, with annual turnover increasing by 37%.   the operating profit (pre tax and interest) of the company led by Jeff Bezos was US $145.41 million, up from US $124.21 million in 2018.   by market, Sales in North America © In the past 12 months, Richa's growth rate has been 20.8%, compared with 13.45% in the rest of the world.Last quarter, including navidea campa, Seattle's revenue was $32.68 million, up from $30.27 million the previous Christmas.   from October to December, Amazon's sales increased by 20.8% to $87.437 billion; Shareholders made a profit of $6.47 per title, compared with $6.04 a year earlier."Last quarter, we had more new users than ever before, and now we have 150 million members around the world," Ao's founder and CEO said in introducing the accounts. Jeff Bezos.   the company's good performance was warmly welcomed by Wall Street investors, and Amazon's share price rose 12% in subsequent electronic trading at $2095.20 per shareIt's closed in the New York market.

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