ARE THESE NEW TRENDS? The nail fashion has always been there and are always loved by everyone. Nail art has so many varieties Like French Manicure, acrylic manicure,silk wraps nail and many more, but if you want a nails thats trendy as add strength to your nails then silk wraps nail are definitely the things to try for. They have always been there from 80s.

WHY ARE THEY GAINING POPULARITY? Silk wraps nail has started gaining popularity these days, as these wraps are giving strength to the nails. It gives nails fresh look without making it appear bulky or thick. Many Are switching from acrylic to Silk wraps nail to avoid the damages as that acrylic nails provides and how the nails look after the removal of Acrylic nail arts.


They are very very convenient  and less time consuming then other, And can be done at home also. The process of  is also very easy, as there are only few things required. They are Silk wrap nails, buffer, stikr (nail resin), and kikr(activator). For the process the nail technician cleans the nail using cotton and alcohol or acetone to clean the dirt and residues from the nail. And nails are little buffed using buffer as it removes the shine from nail. There are two types of Silk  wrap nails, long strips and precut strips however both needs to be adjusted according to the nail shape. Strips are attached to the nails using nail resin,avoiding the cuticle so that when the nails grows back it dont separate from the nail. Thin coats of resin are applied covering the wraps, as it takes long to dry the resin activator is sprayed to quick dry nail. Each nails are done one by one like we can’t apply wraps in all nails at one time. It need to be done after completion of each nails. Nails are again filled and again resin is applied and activator is sprayed. Three coats of  resins are enough to give strength to the nails. Then edges are again filled to smooth the nails, then nails are clean using alcohol to remove the dust from buffing. Then nails are polished using the desire shades and desired preference, some likes colour or natural or some even want it to just seal and they are good to go.

HOW LONG DO THEY LASTS? ARE THEY EXPENSIVE? Silk wrap nails lasts for two weeks, but constant using water for long time may decreases the duration. After two week the nail technician will give a refill and they remove the polish, buff the nail little file and may use two to three coats of resins and buff them and polish the nails. They might replace the silk on the third visit. They are cheaper then acrylic nail arts, means its not going to be too expensive. They are fast and easy to maintain.


They Are good for those who have brittle nails and struggles to maintain the nail. Anyone who wants to avoid the nail clipping or breaking should give a try on, as it provides strength to the nails. They are grabbing more attention these days because it offers functionality with attractive looks, that can beat other trendy nail arts. Nail peeling, thin nails and cracked nails can be fixed with this. The transition lovers are the ideal match. Silk nail wraps are placed between the top and base coats providing protection and flexible support to the growing nails. The only problem are that there are not many salons, that offer this services.

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